Tanta University Hostels


University Hostels are considered a main part of student care, which the University is keen on supporting, developing and upgrading. University Hostels have witnessed great development to cope with the movement of growth and improvement that the University has experienced, in order to deal with the ever-increasing number of students from one year to another. In addition, this development has been due to the significant main role played by University Hostels..

There has been an interest in students’ accommodation and nutrition since Faculty of Medicine was established in 1962-1963. At that time, accommodation began at the Faculty of Medicine itself. The number of male and female students staying there was 80. Then, a building was rented at Al-Mathaf St. to be a University Hostel for students. As a result of the increasing number of students, the University, in collaboration with Tanta City Council, sought to get Al-Montazah Building to be a University Hostel for female students. It was inaugurated in 1966-1967. Then, in the academic year 1973-1974, the University rented five buildings from the Ministry of Religious Endowments in Segar area. They were allocated to be University Hostels for students. After establishing a University Hostel for students in Seberbay, Segar Hostel was allocated to female students. In the academic year 1981-1982 Tanta City Council founded two buildings in Al-Hekmah St., which the University rented and allocated as University Hostel for female students. Moreover, in the same academic year, the University established four huge buildings in Seberbay and allocated them as University Hostels for students. University Hostels achievements continued as a great edifice was added to University Hostels when the University Hostel at Seberbay was established and inaugurated in that academic year



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