Accommodation Systems at University Hostels

First: Instructions upon Entering University Hostel

  • Admission results are announced in the beginning of every academic year, on the notice board. A student does not have the right to complain about this result after fifteen days from its announcement.
  • A student nominated for accommodation at University Hostels has to present his identity card to Student Affairs Administration, to get a receipt of payment so that he or she can pay the required fees.
  • A student must go to the Treasury to pay the bill and get the payment voucher 33, to confirm that he or she has paid.
  • A student must submit the payment voucher to Student Affairs Administration in order to get accommodation card, in the same way the payment voucher is submitted monthly to Student Affairs.
  • A student has to go to the Accommodation Office at University Hostels to get resideded and to have the number of his or her room and building typed on the ID card.
  • A student must go to guardianship trustee to get all that will be kept in his guardianship.
  • A plastic-covered ID card is issued for a student for five pounds. If the student needs lieu of lost ID card, he or she will pay ten pounds.
  • Accommodation supervisors are available 24 hours to help students with any problem they may encounter.
  • Nutrition coupons are distributed on students daily by the accommodation supervisor at every building.


Secondly: payment of fees treasury system:

  • A student has to receive a receipt of payment from Student Affairs at University Hostel.
  • Fees must be paid by the resident student himself.
  • A student takes the receipt of payment to the treasury to pay the fees and get payment voucher 33, which confirms the payment, from the treasury. Then, he or she must submit it to Student Affairs at the Hostel.
  • Paying monthly fees begins on the first day of every month until the ninth. If a student has not paid until the tenth day, he or she will be in the list of students who have not paid. Consequently, he or she will be deprived from nutrition until the fifteenth day. If a student has not paid until the fifteenth day, he or she will be dismissed from the Hostel and his or her accommodation will be ended administratively.


Third: Instructions and Accommodation Systems at University Hostels:

  • Students are distributed to buildings and rooms according to the systems determined by the Hostel Administration.
  • A Student is told which room is allocated to him, by accommodation supervisor at the building. Building and room number are typed on the student’s card.
  • The supervisor can move a student from a room to another, according to the adopted system, when he or she demands or when there is a necessity.
  • If a student wants to be absent from the Hostel, he has to present a petition to the building supervisor in the form, made for this purpose, no later than 12 o’clock at the noon of the previous day before absence. As for female students, they should submit a written permission from parents to sleep outside the Hostel on Thursdays, Fridays and official holidays.
  • A male student is not allowed to stay outside the Hostel after 11 PM. A female student is not allowed to stay outside the Hostel after 7 PM in summer and 6 PM in winter. Other cases need permission from the supervisor.
  • A student should not be seen in balconies, outside the building or in the dining hall with inadequate clothes.
  • A student is not allowed to keep in his or her room any pots for cooking or making tea, like a cooker or a teakettle.
  • A student can be visited, in the places allocated for that purpose at the Hostel, until 8 o’clock. As for female students, their parents determine the persons allowed to visit them in the papers of applying to reside at Hostels.
  • Hostel Administration determines times for listening to radio or watching TV, as well as parties and activities. No student is allowed to practice any activity unless he or she has an approval from the activity supervisor so as not to cause others any disturbance.
  • All furniture inside the room is in the student’s guardianship. He or she is responsible to keep it. Officials in charge can enter the room to monitor implementing the agreed-upon accommodation instructions, known to the student.
  • A student should have the Hostel Accommodation Card with him and should show it if it is required.
  • If a student wants to be finally released from the Hostel, he or she has to go to Student Affairs, get a release and insurance form. Then, a student goes to the guardianship trustee at the building to give him the things in his personal guardianship. Next, a student goes to the accommodation supervisor to be finally released and delete his or her name from the building and Hostel residents. After that, the clearance and insurance form is submitted to Student Affairs Administration.
  • A student does not have the right to stay at the Hostel after the final clearance.


Fourth: Instructions and Nutrition Systems:

  • Meals are served at the times and quantities determined by Hostel Administration.
  • Breakfast is served from 7 AM to 9 AM.
  • Lunch is served from 1 o’clock in the afternoon to 5 PM.
  • Dinner is served from 7 PM to 9 PM.
  • A student has to submit the meal coupon to the restaurant supervisor.
  • An absent student does not have the right to get the meals.
  • A student cannot have extra meals. Also, he or she must wait in a queue to get the meals.
  • Nutrition coupons are personal. So, if a student does not have the meal, whose coupon is taken by him or her, he or she will pay for it according to the real cost with 10% extra charge as an administrative expenses. A student will get a dismissal warning if he or she repeats the same behavior. 
  • A student is not allowed to eat hostel meals inside living rooms unless he or she is ill and has permission from Hostel doctor.


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